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Unique wall art panels handmade from natural wood

Do you want to make the interior more comfortable and not like everyone else?

If you decide to buy a wood art panels, you will get the stylish decorative solution with incredible energy and a talisman for success.

We present you unique collection of beautiful painting-panels from natural wood. This is an art collection created by 2014-2016.

Imagination, magic and inspiration in the original Wood Art Panel

Imagination, magic and inspiration in the original Wood Art Panel

Built entirely by hand from natural wood, the talisman pictures brings love, happiness and prosperity to your.
Each of our wooden wall art panels is made by hand from natural wood, carved and painted by the artist. Wood painting art can be an ideal gift for those person who:
  • inspired by different ideas and fantasies of contemporary artists;
  • looking for original artwork;
  • appreciates decorative artwork made entirely by hand and filled with the energy of the artist;
  • loves and sees the exotic in the usual things;
  • loves vintage style and unusual combination of colors.

- 20% SALE

Each wood wall art decor in our Studio cut from solid wood by hand and exists in a single copy. The second exactly the same picture you will not find. When creating our wood panel artworks, we use combination of relief carving and texture materials, pastes.

In our Studio you can buy a wooden wall art panels, made in different styles. You can choose from dozens of unique artworks made in Bulgaria from natural valuable wood with special characteristics (durability, strength, resistance to decay).

The wood art panels depict flowers, trees, tropical plants, animals, girls, fantastic creatures, mythical dragons, fire birds, horses, elephants and symbolic ornaments.  Each wooden piece and  element of carved wood wall art work made with maximum precision and realism.

Charming wood painting art works are made with modern acrylic paints and textured pastes on natural wood. All our wooden wall art panels made by hand from wood will make your life exotic or romantic notes. You will dip into a cozy warm atmosphere.

Firetender - Original

Firetender - Original 350 EUR -20%SALE


Firetender-2 Commission

Time of life - Original

Time of life - Original 340 EUR -20%SALE

Guardian of Magic - Original

Guardian of Magic - Original 320 EUR -20%SALE

Bird of Happiness - Original

Bird of Happiness - Original 340 EUR -20%SALE

Angel - Original

Angel - Original 310 EUR -20%SALE

Mill of desires - Original

Mill of desires - Original 340 EUR -20%SALE

Force Of Life

Force Of Life Commission

Mill of desires - 2

Mill of desires - 2 Commission

Original city landscape on wooden base

Original city landscape on wooden base

We present you a collection of pictures with landscapes from all over the world.
Cozy narrow European streets, Italian yards and landscapes depicting beautiful nature, cities and the sea.
These pictures are also painted on wooden boards which were specially treated and varnished.
Painting process involved the use of acryl and oil paints as well as special pastes. Every picture is unique and made by hand.

- 20% SALE

Sea town - Original

Sea town - Original 330 EUR -20%SALE

Southern town - Original

Southern town - Original 300 EUR -20%SALE

Guardian of time - Original

Guardian of time - Original 350 EUR -20%SALE


Flute Commission

Angel - Original

Angel - Original 310 EUR -20%SALE

Magical journey

Magical journey Commission

Features of original wood art panels:

* fully handmade, author's artwork in a single copy;

* the unique artwork decoratedframes with sculptural carving;

* different themes and styles (Chinese mythology, Gothic style, vintage surrealism, symbolic paintings-talismans, fantastic stories);

* a great addition to the interior of the living room, dining room, kitchen, office, library, bedroom, entrance hall, hallway, etc.

You can buy original wooden wall art panels only in our Studio.

For the manufacture of our carved wood wall art we use the most common material – wood - solid beech, ash and oak. Breed strong, sound, do not require scrupulous treatment.

Decorative wood art panels help to determine the style of the room. It is possible to do on any accent. Voluminous wall panels look original and very interesting.

Today carved wood wall art panels are used to decorate home or business spaces, hunting clubs, specialized shops, libraries, theater halls.

Wood art panels can be a great gift to anyone-boss, friend or relative.


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