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Hello! I am Dmitry King. I love to draw since childhood and I am a professional artist and interior decorator.

I am the head of FineArtKingStudio in Varna, Bulgaria and I am happy to work with my friends - creative and talented artists.

I work in the following genres: realism, imp-art, surrea lism, fantastic realism, abstract and landscape style.

Artistic collection of my studio is composed of pictures of natural and city landscapes, as well as of abstract and fantastic compositions. I work with various techniques and materials such as canvas, wood and others.

Set of my author's works is fulfilled in the fantasy style and corresponds with the vintage style. This set of works is made on a manually polished board of natural wood that is composed of a wooden frame, also manually polished. When creating the pictures' subjects, I use complicated composing techniques, applying oil-paint, acrylic paint, golden paste, craquelure and patina making polish. The subjects of these pieces are symbolical and contain signs and elements of amulets.

Our artistic experiments lead to the creation of unusual fantasy settings represented on canvases, on wooden bases utilizing mixed techniques with the use of the gold leafs, most innovative textured materials.

Each plot of artwork presented at the website is one-of-a-kind and the result of the creative pursuit of the artist. It is the embodiment of his idea and the fruit of his creative work.

We constantly participate in various exhibitions in Europe and in the US.

The studio is located in Varna, Bulgaria. We sell our pieces all over the world.


Helga Diadem

Helga Diadem



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