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Fancy Ladies's Portraits

Paintings with female characters and lady’s portraits

Fantasies about female characters, portraits and natures, in which the personality of each woman is expressed. These surreal subjects are an original author’s stories, unique artworks, the one of its kinds!

Women's artistic characters

Humanity always has been fascinated by itself. And artists of all time were especially inspired by women. In music, in literature, in sculpture, in all kinds of art, women are often the most important leitmotif. And the painting of our artists, of course, is not exception.

This collection presents multiple original paintings dedicated to the women.  Whether you prefer a realistic portrait of a lady, or a silhouette of a naked woman or surreal modern female character, you will find anything from romance to frivolous paintings in our art Studio. You will find "beauty" or "monster" - just as  women always have been perceived by men and maybe by women themselves.

This collection also present a woman's body with its typical lines, which are loved by art.  And those features that distinguish women from men who are so fond of art. It can be beautifully styled hair, luxuriously flowing in its brilliance. This may be the softness of the facial contours, the tenderness of the skin, or the expression of female confidence in the unusually blue eyes.  But even depicted women naked in our paintings have one overall thing: they radiate energy. Because women are not as weak as they may seem.

We tried to convey these characters and features of women in our paintings. We sure: every woman is unique, and every artwork dedicated to her is also exceptional.

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