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Unique painting-panels handmade from natural wood

Do you want to make the interior more comfortable and not like everyone else?

Deciding to buy a panel on the wall, you will get a stylish decorative solution with incredible energy and charge for success.

Imaginations, magic and inspiration in the exceptional painting-panel

Imaginations, magic and inspiration in the exceptional painting-panel

We present you unique collection of beautiful painting-panels from natural wood.
This is an art collection created by 2014-2016.
Built entirely by hand from natural wood, the talisman pictures brings love, happiness and prosperity to your.
Decorative panels on the wall are often chosen in classic interiors, respectively, people who love unique paintings, which, being a work of art will make the decor of any room elegance, create the right atmosphere and comfort, emphasize your individuality.
In addition, decorative wall panels will bring aesthetics to the space and cope with utilitarian functions. For example, highlighting the unusual geometry of the room, or breaking it visually into functional areas, etc.

- 20% SALE

Each of our decorative panels is made by hand from natural materials, painted by the artist, and can be an ideal gift for those who:

• inspired by different ideas and fantasies of contemporary artists;
• looking for original and non-standard works of art;
• appreciates decorative items made entirely by hand and filled with the energy of the artist;
• loves and sees the exotic in the ordinary;
• loves vintage style or Provence and an unusual combination of colors.

Charming decorative art panels are made with modern acrylic paints and texture pastes on natural wood or wood panel. Any of our decorative wall panels handmade from wood will bring into your life exotic or romantic notes, plunging you into a cozy warm atmosphere. 

Firetender - Original

Firetender - Original 350 EUR -20%SALE


Firetender-2 Commission

Time of life - Original

Time of life - Original 340 EUR -20%SALE

Guardian of Magic - Original

Guardian of Magic - Original 320 EUR -20%SALE

Bird of Happiness - Original

Bird of Happiness - Original 340 EUR -20%SALE

Angel - Original

Angel - Original 310 EUR -20%SALE

Mill of desires - Original

Mill of desires - Original 340 EUR -20%SALE

Force Of Life

Force Of Life Commission

Mill of desires - 2

Mill of desires - 2 Commission

Original city landscape on wooden base

Original city landscape on wooden base

We present you a collection of pictures with landscapes from all over the world.
Cozy narrow European streets, Italian yards and landscapes depicting beautiful nature, cities and the sea.
These pictures are also painted on wooden boards which were specially treated and varnished.
Painting process involved the use of acryl and oil paints as well as special pastes. Every picture is unique and made by hand.

- 20% SALE

Sea town - Original

Sea town - Original 330 EUR -20%SALE

Southern town - Original

Southern town - Original 300 EUR -20%SALE

Guardian of time - Original

Guardian of time - Original 350 EUR -20%SALE


Flute Commission

Angel - Original

Angel - Original 310 EUR -20%SALE

Magical journey

Magical journey Commission

Features of original decorative panels for walls:
• fully handmade, author's work of art in a single copy;
• decoration of unique work frames with sculptural carving.;
• different themes and styles (Chinese mythology, Gothic style, vintage surrealism, symbolic pictures-talismans, fantastic stories);
• a great addition to the interior of the living room, dining room, kitchen, office, library, bedroom, hallway, etc.

Wooden wall panels can be purchased on our website directly from artists.

There are many varieties of decorative panels on the wall: paintings, panels, three-dimensional wooden panels. Translated from the Latin panels - a flap or a piece of fabric, although the French version of the tile or Board is much closer in meaning.
So, the decorative panel on the wall is an object for decorating the room. Usually-walls or niches. This piece of interior can be made of anything, but we use the most common material – wood - solid beech, ash and oak. Rocks are strong, sound, do not require meticulous treatment.

Decorative panels help to determine the style of the room.

It is possible to do on any accent. Look three-dimensional wall panels-bas-reliefs-more original and interesting than the usual flat decor. Although if the picture panels on canvas are two, three or more combined subjects, it looks very impressive.
And if you also put the decoration on the wall, which is most flooded with sunlight, the image will visually seem more voluminous.

In the living room and in the bedroom organically look products with landscape or flowers, as well as panels with Chinese mythology, bringing happiness in family life. Also appropriate is something neutral, such as floral abstraction or any ornate patterns.

The Cabinet is perfect bas-relief with something more conceptual-for example, surreal subjects or geometric abstraction, as well as paintings with symbolic images of signs of luck, prosperity and well – being. For the hallway are perfect wooden panels with beautiful carved frames handmade.

In use decorative panels bas-reliefs entered thousands of years ago.

A similar decoration was present even on the tombs of the pharaohs. Once upon a time, three-dimensional paintings served as a decoration in the palaces of Asia, Greece, Egypt and Sumer. So, for example, in Russia for this purpose used scraps, Egyptians preferring pretentiousness and luxury, loved to decorate clay tablets with precious stones. In ancient Rome, panels were made of marble and granite. In Byzantium glass was traditionally used for these purposes. The last was decorated with natural dyes.

Today, along with the living rooms, wooden relief panels are used to decorate hunting clubs, specialized shops, libraries, theater halls.

In our Studio you can buy a decorative panel on the wall, made in different styles.

You can choose from several dozens of unique products made in Bulgaria from natural precious wood with special characteristics (durability, strength, non-stick rot).

Each wall panel is cut from solid wood by hand and exists in a single copy – the second exactly the same pattern you will not find. When creating decorative panels, a combination of relief carving and the use of texture materials is used.

On sale are decorative panels on the wall of different sizes and subjects. The decorative panels depict flowers, trees, tropical plants, animals, girls, fantastic creatures, mythical dragons, fire birds, horses, elephants, as well as symbolic ornaments. Each wooden curl and volume element of the panel is made with maximum accuracy and realism.

Decorative wall panels can be a great gift to anyone-the head, a friend or a relative.

The handmade wooden frames continues the picture story, alluding to it in several 3D elements and symbols depicted by the author. Made of wood in a complex composite technique, using oil, acrylic paint, gold pastes and greening lacquers.

Writing technique of paintings on wooden Board known since the time of the Renaissance. His famous "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo da Vinci, also wrote on the Board from poplar wood.
Paintings on wood have high strength and wear resistance, and resistance to impact, as they are made of solid wood.
Covered they are sturdy with a special varnish that protects them from contamination and mechanical damage.
When pollution pictures easily cleaned with any cleaning agent of furniture.

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