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Mystic on canvas

An unusual and deeply symbolic painting called “Power and Ease” was created to order by our artist in 2007, immediately sparking a series of sequels that we conventionally refer to symbolism with elements of mysticism.

The storyline of the painting is an allegoric illustration of the relationship between a man and a woman. The Yin and the Yang. A massive image of the man, with the large head of a thinker, the power, the muscle. And a fragile woman’s image – gracious, sexual, beautiful and sensual. They are opposed to each other yet dependent on each other, as they interact with each other.

The romantic mood in this collection is conveyed through a highly sensual form, revealing what is usually hidden deep within our desires and emotions. Here you can find playful and flirtatious storylines, suggestive omissions and meaningful gestures, all conveyed with artist’s original handwriting. The complex composite technique combines use of oil, acrylic, golden and textured paints and lacquers.

Currently all the paintings in this series have been sold to private collections. However, the artist will be happy to produce the artwork to order. The prices on the website are indicated per painting made to order, as per the size indicated, repeating the original work.

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