Surrealism is a rather complex genre, which won the hearts of artists and art connoisseurs alike, as soon as it appeared. Our paintings in this genre are full of unusual magic and positive energy. Surrealistic stories are in a way connected to our intuitive perception of what we see in the picture. They do not have a single “proper” interpretation, as each viewer would primarily see their own thoughts, feelings and perception of the world. The value of this type of artwork for a collector is determined by how close the artist’s world and artist’s perception of the nature of things is. Whether the storyline is mystical and intriguing, or something up close and personal, helping the owner feel a deep connection with the artwork.

We present a most intriguing original collection of paintings created in the surrealism genre. Each work is unique in its own right. Different in composition and colors, all of these paintings will enchant you with their surreal colors and take you to the world of magic fantasies.

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