Wall art panels

Do you want to make the interior interesting, spectacular and not like everyone else?

Find your inspiration in our hand painted wall art panels that combine stylish decorative solutions, functionality and incredible energy.

Each decorative wall panel from our Studio is made by hand from high-quality modern materials, painted by the artist, and can be an ideal gift for those who are looking for original author’s artworks.

Artists of our FineArtKing Studio produce the following types of wall art panels:

- wood art panels – from natural wood with the author's sculptural frames - usually they are small and can be a great decor in the interior or an original gift. We make these panels in a complex composite technique using acrylic and oil paints, as well as texture pastes and volumetric elements.

- wooden painting board – hand painted panels large format, can be decorate a significant area of the walls in your interior.  Can be made in the form of a single piece, as well as 2-5 parts of artwork with overall story. We make these panels with acrylic paints. We recommend using this type of wall art panels, if contamination is possible during operation. For example, in children's rooms and studios or in public places, business interiors, because the contamination on the wooden board are easily removed with a damp cloth.

- panel canvas wall art - are hand painted diptychs (2 parts of the picture) and triptychs (3 parts of the picture), oil on canvas, stretched in the usual way. This is a traditional oil painting, but unlike the usual paintings, panels are divided at the request of the customer into several sections. 

- pottery art panels – hand painted tiles (ceramic tiles), able to embody the whole picture on a traditional ceramic tile, and thus decorate the interior or facade of the house, modern architectural structures, make a unique kitchen apartment with a stylish kitchen apron or bathroom. Ceramic panels are suitable for decorating any space, they are not afraid of dampness and high or low temperatures. 

We make an original and spectacular wall art panels with modern acrylic and oil paints, high-tech pigments, texture pastes and ceramic glazes from the leading European and American brands, completely eco-friendly, safe and durable.

People who love unique paintings choose multi panels wall art. Wall art panels add elegance to the decor of any room, create the right atmosphere and comfort and emphasize your individuality.

For example, in the living room and in the bedroom look organically multi wall panels (3-5 sections) with landscape or flowers, as well as wall panels with Chinese mythology, bringing happiness in family life. Also appropriate is something neutral, such as floral abstraction or any ornate patterns.

In business office is perfect panels of natural wood with conceptual plot - for example, surreal subjects or geometric abstraction, as well as paintings with symbolic images, with signs of luck, prosperity and well-being.

Wooden painting panels with beautiful hand-carved frames are perfect for the entrance hall.

Children's room can be decorated with wall panels with paintings depicting favorite characters and fairy-tale world. At the same time you can not be afraid that the kids can damage this panel.

Our panels from ceramic tiles originally decorate your bathroom or kitchen apron.  Hand-painted wall art tiles on an individual project in a classic painting or decorative manner are very artistic, durable and look impressive.

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