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Unique decorative wood art pieces handmade from natural wood

Do you want to make the cozy interior with natural wood home decor?

We present a unique collection of original wood art pieces with funny surreal subjects, which are handmade on natural wood! Each piece is unique and amazing wood artwork for walls decor. For each wood painting art piece artist Dmitry King purposely hand carved wood frames. Carved wood wall decor combine life and warmth of natural material. Our decorative wood pieces looks very unusual and awesome!

The warmth of natural wood and magnificent wood painting art in small wood wall decor.

The warmth of natural wood and magnificent wood painting art in small wood wall decor.

Exclusively in our workshop you can find these wooden art works from author's collection by Dmitry King created in 2014-2019. Handmade from natural wood, small wood wall art talisman bring love, happiness and prosperity in your home.
Our wood artworks for wall are:
  • amazing handmade wood art pieces for those who love wood wall décor;
  • quirky, funny and surreal wood painting art that looks very nice;
  • talismans for house, that protect your home hearth;
  • great home decor for interior in rustic style, country, hugge, boho, eco-style
  • magnificent above fireplace decor, mantelpiece decoration;
  • thoughtful gift for a housewarming, anniversary or other occasion.

- 15% SALE

If you decide to buy our wood wall picture you will get a stylish decorative wood piece with amazing energy and a good luck talisman. Each of our wood panel wall art is handcrafted from natural wood. That is hand carved wood wall decor painted by the artist.

Our wood art work in our Studio is hand carved from solid wood and exists one of a kind. The second exactly the same wood art piece you will not find. When creating our paintings on wood planks, we use a mixed technique of relief carving and textured materials, pastes. In our Studio you can buy wood wall pictures made in different styles. You can choose from collection of unique wooden artworks made in Bulgaria from natural valuable wood. 

The wood art panels depict fantastic creatures, magical trees, houses in wonderland, animals, girls, magical mills and surreal boots, fabulous birds, elephants and symbolic ornaments. Each small wood wall art and element of carved wooden pieces is made with maximum precision and realism.

Original cityscape in a small wood wall decor

Original cityscape in a small wood wall decor

We present you a collection of paintings with landscapes from around the world.
Cozy narrow European streets, Italian courtyards and landscapes depicting beautiful nature, cities and the sea.
These decorative wood pieces are also paintings on wood planks that have been specially carved and varnished.

- 15% SALE

Sea town

Sea town Made to order

Southern town - Original

Southern town - Original $480 - 15% SALE

Guardian of time

Guardian of time Made to order

Guardian of time - 2

Guardian of time - 2 Made to order

Charming paintings on wood planks are made using modern acrylic paints and textured pastes on natural wood. All our wood art pieces  handcrafted from the wood will make your life unusual and romantic. You will plunge into a cozy atmosphere.

You can buy original wood artwork for walls in our Studio or in artplace Etsy, Artfinder or Artmajeur where we have our shops.

For the manufacture of our carved wood wall decor we use the most common material softwood, that is strong, does not require special care.

Our decorative wood pieces help to define the style of the room. Try to decorate the interior in rustic style, living room with fireplace in country style, entryway in the style of hugge.

Carved wooden wall art panels are used to decorate residential or business space, clubs, specialized shops, libraries, theater halls.

Natural wood wall decor looks original and very interesting.

Small wood wall decor can be a great gift to anyone - boss, friend or relatives.



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